The Wildwoods "Sweet Nostalgia" Album Release

The Wildwoods "Sweet Nostalgia" Album Release

Tragic Jack, Eli Mardock

Sat, April 29, 2017

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

$5.00 - $8.00

This event is all ages

The Wildwoods
The Wildwoods
“Noah Gose and Chloe Pinkman perform with enchanting chemistry and the band subtly but effectively toy with country and indie rock elements.”
–Hear Nebraska.

The Wildwoods were recently nominated by the Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards as one of the best Americana/Folk bands in the area. Their heartwarming lyrics and vocals are rich in love and happiness, wrapped in a style of music that is like no other with influences from old time Country Masters and today’s Indie/Folk sound.

The Wildwoods will have you traveling their road through heartfelt songs about life’s twists and turns and of course the love that keeps each day meaningful on this journey. With over 100 performances in 2016 the Wildwoods are ready to share 10 new tracks that set this LP apart from the first two with a feel that brings new life to Americana music.
Tragic Jack
Tragic Jack
Tragic Jack is a Nebraska based Americana, Rock and Soul project from songwriters Charles Hull and Marty Amsler. Exploring broken relationships, sordid characters, and unfortunate events, Tragic Jack delivers original songs performed with conviction and groove.

The project was born in the summer of 2013, when Hull and Amsler began writing together on Sunday afternoons at Silver Street Studio in Ashland, Nebraska. The duo were set on brushing off years of musical stagnation and reviving their passion for writing and performance that both had enjoyed in their college years. Amsler, fresh off a one-time reunion show with his former major label band The Millions, was interested in developing new material and getting back on the stage. Hull, owner of Silver Street Records, was keen to advance years of songwriting and production into a live band with a big sound.

Over the next three years and many Sunday afternoons, Hull and Amsler slowly crafted a catalog of original songs that land in the Americana, Rock and Soul vibe; a result of the blended influences of Rock, Soul, Gospel, Jazz, Indie, and Pop that shape the Tragic Jack sound. Working with Silver Street producer James Fleege, Hull and Amsler recorded four of those songs, including the Soul track “Mercy”, featuring local artist Josh Hoyer.

In the summer of 2016, Hull and Amsler rounded out the Tragic Jack live sound with the addition of Lance Lehman on guitar and Justin Jones on drums. The group is now actively performing in the Omaha/Lincoln area, and plan to record a full length album in early 2017.
Eli Mardock
Eli Mardock
Eli Mardock and his band, Eagle Seagull, were cult favorites in the 00's indie scene before calling it quits in 2010. Mardock's stylish croon and dark/witty lyrics earned him comparisons to Jarvis Cocker of Pulp, Robert Smith of the Cure, and Wyn Butler of Arcade Fire.

Mardock was born in Omaha, NE and raised in both a Sufi commune in North Carolina and a small town in Nebraska. He began playing the piano, and took his early songwriting inspiration from '60's folk holy man Leonard Cohen. After moving to Lincoln, NE to attend college, Mardock picked up the guitar and began to make a mark on the city's music scene as a regular performer at various bars and clubs.

In 2005, Mardock formed Eagle Seagull with some college friends. With their art-house image and epic/atmospheric sound, Eagle Seagull became an almost overnight success in the mid 00's underground scene. Over the next five years, Eagle Seagull would continue to grow an intense cult following, their records reaching the Top 10 of various European indie charts as well as the Top 100 CMJ (US).

Yet, despite almost universal critical acclaim and a number of celebrities stating their adoration (even Florence Welch declared herself a fan), the band's breakup was both inevitable and controversial. Their much anticipated sophomore album, "The Year of the How-To Book," languished in a major label vault for more than two years before the band was able to win the right to release it. All the while, Eagle Seagull developed a reputation for sensational and sometimes terrifically unpredictable shows - becoming, as one plaudit put it, "the Brian Jonestown Massacre of Nebraska." The band finally split in 2010 after releasing two critically lauded albums.

Mardock recorded and produced "Everything Happens for the First Time", his first solo effort, in various homes in Boston, Seattle, Omaha, and Lincoln. Mixed by Justin Gerrish (Vampire Weekend, The Strokes), the album made it clear that Mardock's songwriting prowess continued to grow post-Eagle Seagull.

Mardock's newest project - the Hamburg, Germany based band The Kiez - recently released a 6 track EP called We Play and supported Monophonics on a recent European tour.
Venue Information:
350 Canopy Street
Suite 220
Lincoln, NE, 68501