Def Leppard Pre-Concert Party with Willis?

Def Leppard Pre-Concert Party with Willis?

Wed, May 24, 2017

Doors: 4:00 pm / Show: 5:00 pm


Willis? is a trio that delivers pop rock, soulful vocals, thought provoking lyrics and tight harmonies over a bed of riff, riddled groove. The band has shared the stage with legendary acts such as King's X, and Blue Oyster Cult on their way to building a new fan base after several years out of the spotlight.

wanna know more? meet us:

lee bowes - toured with a touring six-man acapella group with casey (the bass player). he also spent many years with a funk rock acoustic-guitar based band. lee has also played with lincoln-based original and cover bands including vota, hannah mcneil, flannel channel and aaron zimmer. lee occasionally plays solo acoustic gigs.

casey bock - in addition to the acapella group with lee, casey has logged many stage hours with malpractice and flannel channel.

john lefler Jr. - the newest member of the band, John brings a buffet of stage experience to the group including green tang, giggle box, flip 3 and am/fm.
Venue Information:
350 Canopy Street
Suite 220
Lincoln, NE, 68501